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Australian Makers

Go ‘behind the scenes’ into factories, workshops and farms around the country to hear Australian Makers share their unique stories.

CSR Gyprock

Meet Paul Dalton, the Executive General Manager for CSR Gyprock – Australia’s leading plasterboard brand celebrating its 75th year of manufacturing locally made building solutions that help bind together Australia’s building landscape.

As the first to introduce paper-faced plasterboard in the market in the late 1940s, Gyprock has facilitated the builds of many iconic Australian buildings such as The Sydney Opera House (built 1959), New Parliament House (1981 – 1987).

Today Gyprock is one of the most widely recognised brands in the country, producing a range of highly trusted and Australian Made certified plaster solutions for the building and construction industries, including plasterboard, pre-mixed and dry compounds, as well as a vast DIY range for Australian homeowners.

The phrase “Gyprock” has become the Australian moniker for plasterboard and is the brand of choice for many of the top architectural and building firms around the country. The Australian owned company works closely with specifiers and engineers to make sure that its product is made to the latest building codes as well as Australia’s high manufacturing standards. The Gyprock Redbook has become the go-to guide for those in the building trade.

Australia is renowned for being rich in vital minerals, resources and Gyprock is proud to source premium Gypsum, the key ingredient for plasterboard - a soft mineral sulphate that has been used around the world in plastering since Ancient Egypt and Rome - locally from both Western Australia and South Australia. Choosing to source raw material locally means that more dollars flow into Aussie industry and through regional and rural communities where raw materials originate.

For more than seven decades Gyprock has been proud to support the Australian economy by providing materials for key infrastructure projects and looks forward to helping Australia ‘build the foundations’ for a better country for many more years to come.


Helping families enjoy a full eight hours of sleep; Tontine has been crafting pillows and quilts locally in Melbourne, Australia for more than 60 years.

Tontine is a company that prides itself on ‘doing it all locally’, producing more than 4.3 million pillows and 750,000 quilts per year right here in Australia – all while supporting a number of other Aussie businesses across each stage of its supply chain. Tontine is a local employer with a longstanding Aussie manufacturing history and incorporates locally sourced raw materials such as the finest quality Australian downs wool into its products.

Self-proclaimed ‘Pillow Nerd’ and Tontine CEO Ian Shannon told Australian Made that the company proudly offers more than 300 types of pillows and quilts that are made with Australian wool, cotton, down as well as recycled polyester. Across a vast range of weights, warmths and sizes – meaning the Tontine range can help you enjoy a better night sleep on a cool night or during Australia’s hot summer. But the Tontine innovation that rings true for hundreds of thousands of Australians is Tontine’s original 100% Aussie Wool Doona®, which skyrocketed in popularity following its inception and is a name that is now synonymous with quilts right around the country.

The company is also incredibly passionate about protecting the environment and sustainability. Each year the company proudly prevents more than 100 million plastic bottles from entering landfill by using recycled polyester in its production process and transitioning to more eco-friendly material packaging options.

When shopping for Australian Made products like Tontine pillows and quilts at the likes of Coles, Big W, Target, Spotlight, Harris Scarfe, Woolworths, Myer and David Jones; you can be sure that you’re doing something positive for Australia, such as supporting a company grounded in the Aussie manufacturing and agriculture industries, giving dollars back to the broader economy and helping generate employment opportunities locally in Australia.

Seasol International

Meet Chief Executive, Alick Osborne and Owner, Lisa Boyd; the Aussie Makers behind Seasol International. A local business producing over 10 million litres of Seasol seaweed solution a year – an illustrious Aussie Made innovation that has grown to become one of the country’s most cherished gardening products.

Seasol’s mission is to inspire people to change the way they grow their food and the way we all green our landscapes. They achieve this everyday by providing home gardeners and farmers in the agriculture sector with organic liquid seaweed and environmentally friendly fertilisers which are made locally in Australia.

Seasol’s product range is proudly made locally across manufacturing in sites In Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, which are distributed right across Australia. Wherever possible, Seasol aims to support Australian companies by buying Aussie products and using them in their manufacturing process.

Seasol’s seaweed solution helps to stimulate strong root growth and beneficial soil micro-organisms, promoting vigorous flowering and fruiting and overall garden health. Whereas Seasol’s PowerFeed dynamic fertiliser and soil improver products contain active liquid composts which improves soil structure, reducing the loss of nutrients in sandy soils and helping to stimulate flowering and fruiting.

The primary ingredient used in Seasol’s natural, but powerful product range is a unique species of kelp called Durvillaea Potatorum that grows in the cold oceans of around north west Tasmania. This species is not only unique to Seasol’s manufacturing process, but it can be only found in southern Australia.

When shoppers buy Australian Made natural plant tonics from businesses like Seasol, they’re not only supporting a cleaner, greener environment here in Australia – they’re helping to create local jobs in Aussie factories and giving back to Australian Makers.


Meet Nick Diamantopoulos, Founder & CEO of Australian Garlic Producers (AGP) – the country’s largest grower and marketer of Australian garlic – operating across more than 700 acres of garlic fields Australia wide. Nick is the brains behind SupaGarlic - an innovative range of dietary supplements made locally with 100% Australian Garlic Oil, providing Australian and overseas consumers with targeted support for general health and well-being.

AGP has developed a range of treatments targeting Immune Support, Congestion Relief, Cardio & Heart Health and Health & Wellbeing. All containing extract made from Australian Grown garlic and a formula of garlic varieties carefully selected by master Horticulturalist and AGP, CEO, Nick Diamantopoulos - chosen for an optimal treatment harnessing the power of the ‘SupaG’ gene found only in pure, high potent garlic oil.

This Aussie creation can help maintain a healthy immune system and relieve the severity of common cold symptoms. At the height of harvest season Australian Garlic Producers employs up to 600 seasonal workers. Every stage of production is overseen by the Australian Garlic Producers team locally in Australia with full traceability back to variety, field and location. 

Australian Garlic Producers has been working with the major Australian supermarkets for more than 20 years to ensure Australians have easy access to fresh locally-grown garlic and garlic pastes year-round.

Rondo Building Services

Since its inception in 1964, Rondo Building Services has been proudly manufacturing a range of light gauge rolled formed steel products and systems locally in Australia, that support the backbone of the country’s building and construction industry.

Originally established by Eric Cuckson as W.E. Cuckson and Sons, trading as Rondo Zipador Pty Ltd and producing metal zippers – this Aussie Maker developed a thermal aluminium foil ceiling system to reduce the heat from the factory roof and improve employee working conditions.

Fast-forward 56 years later and today Rondo is highly regarded throughout the industry as the gold standard for Suspended Ceiling Systems along with Steel Wall Framing Systems, which are manufactured, distributed and installed across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the Middle East throughout hotels, educational facilities, office buildings, hospitals, airports, prisons and high-rise residential projects.

As of 2021, Rondo employs over 280 local staff and produces more than 800 SKUs at its Australian based manufacturing facility in Erskine Park, New South Wales, which includes: Steel Stud Drywall Framing System, KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System, DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System, MAXIframe® External Wall Framing System, Plastering Beads and more!

All of Rondo’s Australian Made products carry the famous Australian Made kangaroo logo, are tested to Australia’s high manufacturing and building standards and are manufactured under warranty.

Rondo, Executive General Manager, Greg Thomas says: “Rondo are proud to carry the Australian Made certification, we see this as a badge of honor in the market place and we also see it as giving back to the Australian economy.”

Clarendon Homes

From humble beginnings in the 1970’s, Clarendon Homes has grown to change the lives of over 30,000 Australian families through its flexible approach to building homes.

Building quality homes of all shapes and sizes that are designed and made to suit Australian conditions and environments, a Clarendon Home is built for the everyday Aussie family. Employing over 350 people across Queensland and New South Wales and partnering with over 1,000 Australian suppliers and trades – the brands foundations in its long history of quality customer service and quality construction.

Being a family business, Clarendon Homes ensure that each home is tried and tested, with 11 quality inspections throughout the key stages of the build. The customer is part of the journey from selection to completion to ensure the end product is the home of their dreams; and offering a lifetime guarantee, the Clarendon Homes relationship is with the customer long after the keys are handed over.

Chief Operating Officer Mathew Campbell said, “At Clarendon Homes we don’t compromise on quality, and that’s why Australian Made is perfect for us… the Australian Made logo is a trusted trademark in the community where we build.”

sonnen Australia

sonnen Australia is a highly innovative technology company now pioneering the manufacturing of Australian Made solar home batteries in the old Holden factory in Elizabeth South, South Australia – helping thousands of Aussie households access smarter, cleaner energy from the sun.

As one of the global market leaders in smart solar energy storage, sonnen has installed more than 60,000 residential sonnenBatterie systems worldwide. The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system which allows its owners to use solar electricity day and night, whilst also enabling homeowners to change the way that they manage and control their energy. It saves energy by storing the surplus energy generated by solar panels when it’s not needed and makes it available at times when it is needed.

sonnen’s ground-breaking battery is highly regarded for its technically robust build, high quality hardware and cutting-edge software intelligence. sonnen Australia proudly supported the transition of a number of former Holden staff members into the advanced manufacturing sector, stimulating Aussie employment and driving towards its mission to help Australia become a clean, green and sustainable country.

sonnen Australia, Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Dunn says: “there is a huge shift towards utilising renewable energy, not just locally but globally… being able to say that a sonnenBatterie is Australian Made is important to us because it supports employment locally and it supports the community.”

Ugg Since 1974

Meet UGG Since 1974 Directors Todd & Hannah Watts, a third-generation Australian family business handcrafting premium quality Australian sheepskin boots in Queensland, Australia. With more than forty-five years’ experience crafting UGG boots, the UGG Since 1974 heritage dates back to the 1970s, when UGG boots were first innovated in an Australian backyard.

Under the watchful eye of a young sheep classer from the Australian country, it was then that the Ugg Since 1974 bespoke workshop started producing premium quality sheepskin boots and accessories, one piece at a time.

Almost five decades on, their UGG boots continue to be handcrafted from start to finish at their custom built workshop in South East Queensland, where the team works tirelessly to maintain quality workmanship, luxurious comfort and timeless style in each and every pair of UGG boots.

At UGG Since 1974, there are no conveyor belts or mass production of UGG boots. Instead, you’ll find one-of-a-kind leathers, the wooliest of Australian merino sheepskins, and UGG boots being artfully crafted by their talented makers, most of whom have mastered their craft over decades of practice and precision.

UGG Since 1974 Director Todd Watts says:
“I think there’s an appetite for local customers to buy locally made sheepskin boots, they get longevity, they get quality and they get reassurance that what they’re buying will last the test of time”.

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