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The presence of Solar Trees in the form of intelligent Urban Art gives the public a chance to learn more about using clean energy technologies, and in order to "Promote Zero Emission Initiatives" and "Educate Local Communities" on how we can improve our energy consumption through environmentally friendly sustainable methods, we have integrated both:

TV monitoring utilising FRONIUS visual display systems via FRONIUS Solar.TV , and

Smart Mobile Devices utilising VICTRON remote monitoring (VRM) via Victron Mobile Apps

This integration enables users to actively and continuously track and present an overview of any given active AUS-E® Solar Tree (or Wind Tree system) and its components in a comprehensive graphical format.

In the main people have never personally experienced direct interactions with solar energy activity "up close" as conventional solar panels are typically out of sight on a rooftop somewhere, however, by their very nature and design our AUS-E® Solar Trees unmistakably generate personal awareness and interest wherever they are situated.

At EVT Energy, concentrating on consumer solutions to efficiently and economically generate, store and distribute solar energy via Solar Trees, we have incorporated Fronius and Victron Intelligent Storage and Energy Management and Delivery Solutions designed to power a range of auxiliary clean energy products and services 24-hours a day, whether in isolated stand alone "Off-Grid" solution or more traditional grid-connected solutions.

In addition AUS-E® Solar Trees allow for a range of "bark" finishes in distinctive high-grade modern artwork textures and colours. These are applied as removable "Clamshells" mounted to the branches and base of the Solar Tree. From the stylised light and dark grey finishes, with the variant brown bark and gumtree green solar panel framing the AUS-E®Solar Trees take on the feel of Australian Gum Trees designed to blend into the urban landscape.

Likewise with alternate CoreTen structures of the AUS-E® Tree, the use of high-grade tubular steel which has been subjected to accelerated weathering has been designed to artistically simulate the trees visual artistic appeal in modern settings. This is similar in nature to CoreTen rusted finishes used on various buildings and engineered structures. The rusted finishes also assists as a subtle disincentive to would-be tree climbers and vandals due to its nature and texture.

There are a series of additional treatments in various surface finishes to suit a variety of applications, including stainless steel. All of which attach to the AUS-E® Solar Tree in surface mounted wraparound removable Clamshells. There is also provisions for additional structures such as wildlife bio-habitats where the trees are located in a variety of natural parkland settings.

A typical 6-Panel AUS-E® Solar Tree integrated with Intelligent Energy Storage will allow for a range of independent stand-alone solar powered services; and fully charged support 2-5 days of autonomous energy supply. AUS-E® Solar Trees are also capable of providing additional non-grid connected stand alone sources of clean energy to drive add-on utilities and services to Local Communities such as:

BBQ Facilites,

Mobile Device Charging Stations

Security Monitoring Systems, and

Water Chillers

The ultimate social benefit of our Solar Trees, is by locating them inside urban landscapes the AUS-E® Solar Trees promote curiosity and interest amongst Local Communities, who through direct personal contact with the trees and also smart App interaction, are provided with an opportunity to view and learn first-hand about solar collection in conjunction with intelligent storage through interactively powering, in real-time, a variety of community utilities and services.

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