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Cyclone Silos

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Cyclone is a well-known and trusted name in the rural industry with a proven reputation spanning generations of farmers. All Cyclone Silos are Australian made and manufactured at Jindera NSW by a dedicated team committed to supplying material of the highest quality and workmanship because they understand how important this is to Australian farmers.

Cyclone has been manufacturing silos right here in Australia for over 40 years, allowing farmers greater options in grain marketing. Cyclone silos are manufactured from galvanised high strength sheet steel and hot dipped galvanised accessories, making them strong and durable. With the increase in extreme weather conditions, Cyclone has re-engineered their silos to offer 1 in 200 year event certification as standard (previously 1 in 100 year). The wide corrugation profile of the galvanised steel walls reduces the risk of internal obstructions, limiting the risk of “hang-ups” which can harbour insects and fungi and lead to grain spoilage or downgrade.

With the removal of the single desk and grain deregulation, farmers are building more silos to provide increased options for the marketing/selling of their grain. Cyclone Silos engage a group of experienced grain storage advisors (AgriDealers) who offer advice on the best solution to suit your specific requirements, as well as organise the complete erection and installation of your silo grain storage system. Cyclone guarantees the silo components it supplies to meet the applicable Australian Standards. However what Cyclone offers is 40 years of continuous service to grain handling. Many Cyclone silos have remained in service well after 25 years of use. Cyclone continues to support farmers with a large range of new on-ground silos and parts needed to update or repair older silos. This commitment to Australia’s grain growers is something Cyclone Australian Made Silos are proud to offer.

Cyclone can provide a model specific design review statement and certified foundation construction drawings which may be used to support any council DA requirement. The advanced design and heavier gauge steel sheets at the base mean that Cyclone on-ground silos are strong and stable. This, combined with a specific roof slope, maximises the amount of poured grain that can be stored, making Cyclone silos the obvious choice for your on-ground grain storage needs.

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