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Malt Extract Agar (MEA)

What is MEA?

Malt Extract Agar Mix is a gelatinous medium that is widely used to cultivate, isolate and manipulate fungi, yeast, and moulds. It is also a method of long-term maintenance of mushroom cultures. The uses of MEA include:

Germinating spores
Isolating a specific strain of mushroom

Why use Malt Extract Agar Yeast for growing mushroom culture?

Malt Extract

Malt extract contains a high concentration of maltose, which provides a suitable environment for the growth of yeast and mould. That is due to its rich source of carbon, protein and nitrogenous compounds that are used as energy for fungi growth.


Agar-Agar is extracted from various seaweeds, such as gracilaria and gelidium (It contains no animal ingredients. Due to Agar’s unique gel property and stability, it is used as a firming and thickening agent for Petri dish experimentation.)

*Please note that MEA is different to MYA. MEA is Malt Extract and Agar only, not Yeast included .*

For More Information visit us in Pre-Poured Agar Plates and become an expert.

Quantity specifications:

These quantities are measured based on 60*15mm size Petri dishes:
The number of plates made will vary according to pouring techniques; we recommend using just enough to cover the petri dish’s surface.

21 gm makes 35 Agar Plates (Use 500ml of hot water)
42 gm makes 70Agar Plates (Use 1000ml of hot water)
63 gm makes 105 Agar Plates (Use 1500ml of hot water)
84 gm makes 140 Agar Plates (Use 2000ml of hot water)
168gm makes 280 Agar Plates (Use 4000ml of hot water)

*Petri dish is not included.


Dissolve your MEA packet in the specified ratio of hot water (i.e.1000, ml water for 42 gm of MEA) and stir thoroughly with a spoon. If you have a magnetic stirrer, this will mix the solution properly. The content needs to be poured slowly and not all at once.
Autoclave or pressure cook for 15 minutes at 15 psi.
Pour into Petri dishes when it reaches 50 degrees Celsius (Approximately hot enough to hold the flask/ jar with one hand), and let it set for 10 minutes. Do not stir the solution after taking it out of Autoclave, as this would trap air bubbles in this solution.
Once the Petri dishes are set, inoculate them and wrap them with parafilm. Keeping the plates aside for a week is recommended to check for contamination.
Petri dishes are best to be stored upside down to avoid condensation.

Do not have a pressure cooker? No problem; message us, and we will send you detailed instructions on how to use a microwave for sterilising along with your purchase. Please check our listing Make Agar Plates and see what you need
First, you would need a Reagent Bottle If made in a Microwave, a 500ml reagent bottle would fit. If using a Steriliser, then a 1000ml reagent bottle should fit..

We have relied on this Mix to experiment at our lab using different varieties.

Check out our other listings to add Liquid Cultures and see more Pre Mixes. We also sell other types of Mushroom-Growing Equipment.

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+61 416 399 905

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  • Oceania/NZ

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