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Short insights from Australian Made licensees into how the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo has benefited their business.
Australian Made social media drives leads

“We had a seven per cent increase in ‘likes’ on our Facebook page and three interstate enquiries in one day (more than usual), and the exposure for our brand was fantastic,” Mary Smith, Sales & Marketing Executive – Traditional Brick Ovens 

An umbrella brand for good, wholesome Aussie food

“The green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown logo has become the face of “good, wholesome Aussie food” and in particular as it relates to our locally caught and processed line of octopus products. In an era of a very discerning consumer both here and abroad it is essential that we are able to distinguish the origins of our products. The logo does that very well,” Arno Verboon, General Manager - Fremantle Octopus