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Cold Process Soap

Soap Era Australia
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Our soap is made using the traditional cold process producing soap of superior quality that won’t harm your skin. Our Soaps are 100 % vegetable oil based, contain no parabens, no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no petrochemicals, and are 100% biodegradable.
Our cold process soaps, each of them are handcrafted in a traditional soap making method, with a carefully selected combination of skin loving oils and natural ingredients, keeping the soap making process in a proper temperature to retain all the goodness, and cured for a minimum of four weeks.

Our range of products include:

- Facial/Bathing Soap
- Goats Milk Soap
- Exfoliating Soap
- Shampoo Bar
- Shaving Soap
- Classic Shave
- Facial Shave (Multi-tasking)
- Sport Soap (Multi-tasking)
- Australian Outdoor Soap

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Soap Era Australia

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