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Jax Wax Australia Hot Wax
Also known as strip less wax or hard wax - Available in 500gm and 1kg

Cooktown Orchid Beads
Faster setting wax designed with super glide for ultra-fine application whilst remaining pliable.
Formulated without pine resin this wax is perfect for clients who suffer sensitivity after waxing.
Highly suited for Brazilian waxing.

Coastal Banksia Beads
Ultra-pliable, low temperature, soft and workable.
Superior hair removal reduces redness and irritation.
Recommend for all areas.
Ideal for sensitive skin.

Australian Wattle Beads
Quick setting designed for hot humid conditions
Perfect for all skin types especially mature fragile skin
Luxurious fragrance

Alpine Bluebell Beads
Extreme flexibility, fast setting and effortless to apply.
Cool and calming on the skin.
Super strength, will remove the finest and the thickest of hairs.
Recommended for all areas.

Daintree Blackbean Beads
Perfect for male waxing
Cedarwood essential oil will cool and calm the skin.
Removes stubborn, multi directional coarse hair.
Recommended for men & women with stubborn hair

Victorian Heath Beads
Super flexible, contains titanium dioxide to calm redness.
Designed to be used at a lower working temperature, this is a highly workable wax.
Great wax for students.
Recommended for all areas.

Sydney Waratah Beads
Designed for coarse, strong hair.
Superior grip, quick drying whilst remaining pliable,
easy to apply.
Recommended all areas

Jax Wax Australia Strip Wax
Also known as soft wax - Available in 500gm & 1.1kg tubs and 100ml roller head cartridges

Cooktown Orchid Strip Wax
Made with synthetic resins and titanium dioxide for the most sensitive skin types.
Will spread ultra-fast, ultra-fine, leaving zero residue behind.
Recommended for Brazilian strip waxing & sensitive areas.

Coastal Banksia Strip Wax
Smooth opaque formula with titanium dioxide and coconut oil.
High performance hair removal, virtually pain free.
Recommended for strong hair and delicate skin.

Australian Wattle Strip Wax
Ultra-thin spreading for fast application
High performance strip designed for optimum hair removal.
Gives exceptional results on all types of hair

Victorian Heath Strip Wax
Thin spreading, creamy wax leaves no sticky residue.
Removes the toughest hair and is extremely gentle on skin.
Recommended for reactive, sensitive skin and intimate waxing.

Alpine Bluebell Strip Wax
Lavender essential oil softens the skin.
Super glide technology provides fast, fine application.
Superior grip, no residue.
Recommended for all skin and the shortest, toughest hair.

Daintree Blackbean Strip Wax
Extreme pulling power for multi directional hair growth
Spreads thin while the dark colour allows you to see where you have applied it, zero residue.
Recommended for unruly, strong hair, perfect for male waxing.

Sydney Waratah Strip Wax
Removes short, stubborn hair.
Leaves skin soft and supple without sticky residue.
Recommended for all areas and all types of hair

Jax Wax Australia Pre & Post Wax Products
All available in 125ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1ltr

Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Skin Cleanser
Formulated with Lavender and Bergamot essential oils and with a calming and delicate fragrance.
To cleanse, calm skin and remove surface bacteria prior to waxing treatment.
Apply to the skin using a cotton round or lightly spray area.

Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia Pre & Post Wax Oil
Paraffin free vegetable oils combined with Australian Tea Tree and Lime essential oils make this our ultimate waxing oil. Made specifically to enhance the performance of hot wax and treat various skin conditions. We highly recommend this oil for intimate areas, eyebrow and facial waxing, as well as for home care treatment for dry, dehydrated skin, sensitised skin and in the prevention of ingrown hairs.

Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell Pre & Post Wax Oil
Delicate light oil softly scented and formulated with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils to soothe, heal and balance the skin after waxing treatments. Lavender essential oil is rapidly absorbed by skin and helps to regulate normal skin function. Therapeutic benefits of Lavender and Tea Tree oil include, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and skin restorative. Contains no mineral oil.

Jax Wax Australia Sweet Orange Pre & Post Wax Oil
Essential oils of geranium, lemon, mandarin and orange are combined with olive and almond oils to soften and protect the skin prior to application of hot wax. The ultra light paraffin base provides fast absorption into the surface of the skin protecting sensitive or intimate areas for a less painful treatment.

Jax Wax Australia After Wax Body Lotions
All available in 125ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1ltr

Jax Wax Australia Coastal Banksia After Wax Body Lotion
Coastal Banksia After Wax Lotion is formulated without mineral oil or paraffin products. Created with natural fragrance with the added benefits of essential oils and enriched with cocoa butter this product is the “natural choice” after wax treatment lotion. For use after waxing any area, this lotion immediately calms the skin, providing deep hydration leaving skin silky soft without feeling greasy.
Jax Wax Australia Alpine Bluebell After Wax Body Lotion
The healing benefits of Lavender essential oil enhance the antibacterial properties of our Australian grown Tea Tree oil in this ultra-light after wax lotion. Instantly reduces redness and inflammation, protects against bacteria and is the perfect choice for skin prone to folliculitis after waxing. Clients should use as home care to aid in the treatment of ingrown hairs.

Jax Wax Australia Cocoa Butter & Vanilla After Wax Lotion
A lovely light lotion with a delicate vanilla fragrance, made with real cocoa butter. Applied to the skin after hot or strip wax treatment has an immediate cooling effect, visibly reduces redness, and leaves skin soft and protected. Highly recommended for use after facial waxing, suitable for all skin types, does not contain mineral oil.

Australian Wattle After Wax Body Lotion
Jax Wax Australia’s Australian Wattle lotion has an alluring Honeysuckle and Magnolia fragrance with a luxurious gold shimmer once applied to the skin. It is enriched with organic Jojoba and Hemp oil. The inclusion of pure cocoa butter makes this lotion a pure indulgence that can be used after waxing and as a general daily body moisturiser.

Daintree Blackbean After Wax Body Lotion
Jax Wax Australia’s Daintree Blackbean After Wax Body Lotion has been formulated with Cedarwood Essential Oil and Organic Hemp Oil, Argan Oil and coco butter to support skin hydration. This non-greasy lotion can be used after waxing or as a daily moisturiser for both men and women.

Cooktown Orchid After Wax Body Lotion
Jax Wax Australia’s Cooktown Orchid After Wax Body Lotion is a beautiful light lotion with a classic rose fragrance, made with pure cocoa butter and almond oil. Applied to the skin after hot or strip wax treatment visibly reduces redness and leaves skin soft and protected. Highly recommended for use after facial waxing, suitable for all skin types, does not contain mineral oil.

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