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Access major projects

The Australian Made Campaign is encouraging all manufacturers of Australian-made products to increase their participation in major Australian projects by registering with Industry Capability Network (ICN).


Australian Made is working strategically to link manufacturers with ICN as part of the Federal Government's Buy Australian at Home and Abroad (BAHA) initiative.


How to access major projects

The ICN Gateway database is an online connection point for buyers and suppliers looking to build partnerships. It enables suppliers to search projects and register their company's interest with just a few easy steps. Similarly, project managers and ICN consultants use the database when searching for suppliers for specific projects.

Australian Made recommends all its licensees, and other manufacturers of Australian-made products not already registered on this database, go to and register.

This will be an important first step to building effective and potentially lucrative project partnerships, whether as a supplier of technologies and heavy industrial equipment or food products and everyday consumables.


Buy Australian at Home and Abroad

In the current business environment, the BAHA project is a very timely initiative if Australia is to maximise the returns available to it as a result of the high demand for our minerals—for the benefit for all Australians both now and in the future.

BAHA aims to increase the participation of Australian suppliers by linking them with project opportunities flowing from the strong growth of the resources sector. The ICN is a network of state and federally funded bodies which for nearly 30 years has been working with project contractors to identify local businesses capable of being suppliers to those projects-a strategic approach to import replacement.


Accessing project information

One way Australian Made licensees can stay informed is by subscribing to the ICN’s new quarterly newsletter, Capability News.

It provides Australian manufacturers with the latest updates on major projects, new opportunities for your business and information about how ICN is introducing Australian companies to the supply chain of major projects. It also includes a handy list of upcoming events.

You can receive Capability News electronically. Simply visit or sign up here.

For those manufacturers of Australian-made products not already registered on the ICN Gateway, make sure you register as soon as possible. If you have already registered, make sure your profile is up to date. Once registered, you can nominate to receive automated email updates detailing upcoming project opportunities and news. It can be one of the most effective ways to keep informed and generate new business.

Visit to create or update your profile.