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Carob for dogs
You’re watching a good film and it wouldn’t be the same without that delicious bar of chocolate, every time your break a piece those glary eyes are watching every move to the tune of ‘where’s mine’…
Chocolate is widely known as a big no-no for dog’s as it contains theobromine that can cause all kinds of gastric issues. However, should you want to give your doggo an alternative treat that looks and feels like chocolate yet delivers a wide range of health benefits then introducing carob into your doggos treat stash is a welcome one.
Yes, dogs can eat carob. Unlike chocolate, it doesn’t contain caffeine or theobromine; therefore, it’s safe for your dog to eat.
Native to the Mediterranean, having been used for over 4,000 years, carob comes from the pods of the carob tree. When the pods are ready, the sweet pulp is extracted, roasted, and ground into a fine powder. It has a similar flavour to chocolate is less bitter and naturally sweeter.
The Benefits of Carob
Carob contains certain health benefits that make it a healthy and beneficial treat for your doggo. Carob is 100% natural, gluten free and healthy for dogs that gives them great health benefits. Carob is high in vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Carob also contains vitamin B1, niacin and vitamin A.
Weight Gain and Upset Stomach prevention
Containing no additional sugar and less fat, carob doggo treats help prevent an upset stomach and reduce weight gain.
Great Antioxidant
Antioxidants in carob help in protecting against free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage to cells and are linked to aging and a host of diseases.
There are three types of antioxidants found in carob:
• Flavonoids
• Phenolic acids
• Tannins

Improves Digestion
Due to the high presence of tannins in carob, this antioxidant can aid in fighting toxins in the digestive tract and prevent harmful bacteria from growing in the intestines. Carob has insoluble fiber, which helps your dog’s digestion and prevents constipation. These tannins are an effective diarrhea solution as they have a drying tendency, which helps in drying stools.
Vitamins and Minerals
Essential minerals like calcium and iron plus Vitamins A, B, and D are found in carob. Calcium assists in the development of strong bones and reduces the likelihood of joint problems later in life. Iron aids in the synthesis of red blood cells to produce haemoglobin that helps these cells carry oxygen.
Vitamin A is beneficial to your dog’s fur, bones, and teeth.
Vitamin B for energy production
Vitamin D helps muscle and bone strength

If that’s not enough to get doggo this delicious treat, carob is a useful source of fiber and pectin, that helps to flush toxins from their body.

Final thought
Carob is a nutritious and rewarding treat for doggos, it has numerous health benefits so you shouldn’t feel guilty or cautious about giving your fur baby carob treats from time to time.
Giving your dog healthy and beneficial treats, especially their favourite ones, can only be a good thing, However, start with lesser amounts, then increase it gradually. Still unsure, then it’s always good to get the right advice from your vet or pet nutritionist.

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