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Glenelg River Herbs

Start date: Friday, June 01, 2018
End date: Sunday, July 01, 2018

One lucky Aussie Made Club member will take home a four pack of The Memory Stick™ valued at over $70!


For over twenty years, Glenelg River Herbs has been growing a vibrant and robust range of herbs in the Mediterranean climate of South Western Australia.

The Memory Stick™ is a super handy, roll on, 15ml bottle of essential oil blend featuring their Rosemary and Sage Essential Oils which promote mental clarity and increased focus.

The essential oils in The Memory Stick™ are distilled on their farm using their own plants. Nothing is added, nothing taken away. Grapeseed oil is then blended with the essential oils for safe application to the skin.

Supported by long, detailed history and recent research*, the scent of rosemary essential oil is shown to improve your memory, whilst recent research* also suggests that sage oil lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Easy application; roll it on, breathe it in.

100% natural. Easy to use and non-addictive.


For your chance to WIN a four pack of The Memory Stick, simply log into your Aussie Made Club account and answer a question.

Visit The Memory Stick website here to find the answer!


*research studies can be found on The Memory Stick website.

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