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The Organic Tshirt

Start date: Saturday, April 01, 2017
End date: Monday, May 01, 2017

One lucky Aussie Made Club member will win thanks to The Organic Tshirt!


The Organic Tshirt believe that wearing natural and organic products can make a difference for our skin and for the environment. Their philosophy is that choosing to buy organic and supporting the local community by buying Australian, will reduce the cost to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as there is less packaging and delivery involved. This also means sustaining the local economy and helping it to grow.

Thanks to The Organic Tshirt one lucky Aussie Made Club member will win a beautiful red 100% organic cotton t-shirt in the size of their choice.

Available sizes:

  • S, M, L

To enter the competition to win the red organic cotton t-shirt, login or sign up to the Australian Made Club below and answer a simple question.

Check out The Organic Tshirt's website to see their range of products - and for the answer to the competition question!

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