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Start date: Wednesday, March 01, 2017
End date: Saturday, April 01, 2017

This is your chance to WIN an Australian Summer Sprinkler Package from Wobble-Tee valued at $90!

Wobble-Tee water efficient sprinklers - The award winning Wobble-Tee sprinkler is well known for its water efficiency, covering large areas up to 15m in diameter using a low to medium pressure. The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler now has a little brother, the Clever Drop Sprinkler covering a diameter up to 8m. 

Like the Wobble-Tee its large consistent droplets minimise wind drift and evaporation loss, watering your lawn efficiently like slow soaking rain. You can run multiple sprinklers from the same tap as both sprinklers boast ‘add-on-ability’ and have a removable filter allowing the use of river, dam and recycled water.

Whether watering large or small areas, Wobble-Tee can provide a clever, Australian made solution to suit your watering needs.

Key features:

  • Works off low pressures
  • Water efficient
  • Slow even application rate with consistent droplet size for minimal wind drift and evaporation loss
  • Operates off overhead water tank, pump, gravity fed systems, enviro-cycle systems, grey water, recycled water or town supply.
  • UV stabilised plastics ensure a long life in the sun
  • Removable filer allows use with dam or river water
  • Add-on-ability allows multiple sprinklers to be run off one tap

To enter, login or signup to the Australian Made Club and answer a simple question. To find the answer and to check out the full range of Sprinklers visit Wobble Tee's website here.   

Plus! As a bonus... if the winner also likes Wobble-Tee on Facebook, the winner will also receive a second Clever Drop Sprinkler!

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